We must innovate to survive and thrive.

Of course, we MUST! But how?


By far, the biggest innovation challenge is
faced by you if you are a medium-tier firm

Including professional services, manufacturing, advisory,
consulting, health services, retail and engineering firms.

This year, and next, at least one million new start-ups around the world – many with new disruptive technologies – will rip away some of your products, services and clients. And the big end of town is slowly going bust, consolidating or innovating as if there were no tomorrow.  Given their size and large financial clout most remain an ever-present threat!


A series of podcasts by professional innovators, Neville Christie and Andrew Hutchinson of Alchimie Innovators

The podcasts explain ways your mid-size firm can innovate to
future-proof your business, make sure it both survives and thrives,
and enhances your market standing and your market value.


A few of the many themes you find in these
podcasts include:

  • How to act like a start-up, and why it’s vital that you do
  • How your internal ‘anti-bodies’ can kill off most innovations
  • How to initially quarantine your innovations into a separate innovation arm
  • How to execute your innovations over three different time horizons
  • How to recruit specialist innovating corporateurs – to work with you to create innovation better, cheaper, faster
  • How to fail fast, learn and keep going on the innovation journey
  • How to create collaborative entrepreneuring and innovating
  • How to integrate your best innovations back into your firm’s culture as you get them profitably to market.